Timeless appeal?

That's what Weiss are saying, anyway. This latest piece
of dead cow skin is designed to put you in mind of the
Brooklands Circuit of the 1930s. But to us, it looks more
like something Steve McQueen would wear whilst nipping
out for a burger and fries. Either way, it's not a bad
looking scrap of leather and is priced competitively at
219 plus change. It's got armoured shoulders, elbows
and back (not very Brooklands) and is chrome tanned
for an extremely supple finish. It's also got a detachable
lining and you can zip it to your Weiss jeans. That's it.
We're gone. All this deceased bovine talk has worked up
an appetite. We're nipping out for dead cow and plate of
solanum tuberosum with ketchup. So talk direct to
the cow murderers for details:


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