You're out riding. Bright. Dull. Bright. Dull. Bright.
Oops. Splat. Your last thought: Jeez, I wish someone
had stuck a pair of photochromatic lenses in my bleedin'

goggles. Uhh ...


Well now Davida has, so that's one less excuse for getting

creamed. These cool-dude wrap-around 74 WRS goggles
(eyes right, everyone) are now being flogged with a gratis pair of
the aforementioned high-tech eyepieces in a fetching shade of

uranium, plus a gratis set of clear lenses for night riding/angle grinding

or whatever. Moreover, Davida can arrange for prescription lenses

to be fitted. Sounds complicated to us, but Mr Davida has got it all worked

out. So having seen the light, stick your hand in your pocket and pay

da man da money. Thirty quid, depending on who's selling 'em.


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