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Isn't it time you bought a new crash helmet?


At Sump we don't just talk about lids. We sell 'em too. Check the helmet selection below and get set to buy a cool 70s style lid to help recreate a little of that old magic. We wear what we sell, and we'll take your lid back if you don't like it. Just return it in as-new  condition in the original packaging and we'll refund without quibbling.



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No, we're not yet on the magazine shelves in your local newsagent or supermarket or wherever. But you can visit Sump when you're strolling through the Gobi Desert, or motoring down the Danube, or sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office at the White House—provided there's a viable communications network within reach of your mobile phone, laptop, computer or whatever.


But we have been flirting with the idea of a printed magazine, and there is a certain appeal to that idea. However, there's a lot of financial risk involved, a lot of grief, and it would inevitably limit our reach, geographically speaking.


After all, if you're trying to sell paper, why would you give that information away on the net? That's what all the other printed mags and rags are wrestling with. Free content versus paid content. And for the immediate future, we're not selling it.


But we are a magazine, nonetheless. And as far as possible, we've tried to give Sump more or less a magazine feel—hence the different look to most other websites or webzines.


However, there are limitations.


Still, we figured it was time to at least give Sump a magazine cover, digitally speaking. And that's what the main image on this page is all about.


And in case you're having a deja vu experience and feel that you've already seen that image on another Sump page, you have. That's because Sump is actually split across two websites.


The first is www.sump-publishing.co.uk. The second is www.sumpmagazine.com. Both have home pages, and either page will lead you onto our news pages, or events page, or buyers guides pages, etc. And most of the time, you won't even notice.


But if you come across another home page, you'll now know the reason why.


Anyway, enough already. Just keep in mind that we're digital only, and not yet print. And we might never get onto paper.


If you want to subscribe, there's a link on this page. Just fire off an email with "NEWS" in the subject line, and each month we'll send you an update email.


You can cancel whenever you want, no salesmen will call, and we don't sell or trade your email addresses. If you unsubscribe, we'll trash your details immediately.


Isn't there already enough bloody data-capturing going on in this world?


We're gone.


























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If you've recently bought a Sump T-shirt, a book, a motorcycle lock, a framed print, a tin wall sign or whatever, and if your order hasn't arrived, you might want to check your email spam box. We regularly find that customers have failed to give the information we need to process the order (size, full address, style, colour, etc).


If there's a query, we make three attempts to contact buyers, and if we get no reply, we cancel the order and return any payment. But that can lead to disappointment, especially if the item is a gift for someone. So if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours of placing your order, please check your spam box, or contact us again.






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