Fury chain lock


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● Check here for the SOLD SECURE© rating

Beware knock-offs

13mm shackle

14.5mm x 1.8m chain (not the shorter 1.2 or 1.5m)

CroMo (chrome molybdenum) steel

Pick and drill resistant

Reinforced cylinder plates

Hardened solid steel lock body

Double ball bearing locking mechanism


Convenient portable security

Gear Gremlin

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How secure is this lock?

This lock offers higher security
protection against opportunistic and even more determined theft in the street, and will also suit home use.


As with all locks, it's ultimately "beatable" for those with the right equipment, determination and opportunity. But it's a good value lock and will form part of your top line of defence.


Ideally, you should loop this device through a frame rail and secure your bike to a fixed object such as a street lamp or ground anchor. Alternately, hook up to another chain on a parked motorcycle (by invitation, of course). Or secure your bike's frame to the front wheel.


Whatever you do, keep the chain as tight as reasonably possible without damaging the bike, and try to position the lock for minimum accessibility to a thief. That can make it hard for you too. But that's part of the price you pay. Also, consider using a quality motorcycle cover. Out of sight helps keep your bike out of mind.


Wherever possible, consider combining this with a decent disc lock or shackle lock. Or both. And consider our heavy duty ground anchor.




Technically no. The Fury lock and chain was recognised by SOLD SECURE© and approved to its GOLD rating level. However, the licence for this lock and chain has not been renewed (possibly as a cost saving measure). Therefore SOLD SECURE© doesn't currently recognise it.


Does that matter? Not to us. It's the same lock that it always was. And we're happy to use it and sell it. But if you need to display a current SOLD SECURE© rating, you should look elsewhere.


Note that to get a SOLD SECURE© Gold Rating, the initial testing fee is currently £1,650 per product. Then there's an annual audit fee of around £550—and that fee applies to a single item. The same lock with a longer chain, for instance, would require another audit test. If the audit has not been renewed for a few years, the testing needs to start from "scratch", which means that another £1,650 fee is payable.


Money for old rope? Or chain? You tell us. SOLD SECURE© naturally, and fairly, wants to capitalise on its resources. Just keep in mind that in terms of security, the presence (or absence) of a SOLD SECURE© sticker is but one part of the story. Locks with SOLD SECURE© ratings are still crackable.



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