Vincent Black Shadow

World's Fastest Production Motorcycle T-shirt




Vincent Black Shadow

The  World's Fastest
Production Motorcycle?


Well once upon a time it certainly was. We're talking about back in 1948 when the Vincent Black Shadow first appeared.


The 998cc 50-degree OHV V-twin designed by Phil Irving and built by Phil Vincent's illustrious firm of engineers in Stevenage, Hertfordshire was a sensation.


Those days of rationing and petrol coupons and post war austerity are long gone, but in another way they're still with us. That's how it works in the classic bike world. You live and breathe in one era, but live and breathe in another era too.


We devised the above Vincent Black Shadow
T-shirt because we're as guilty as you are in straddling the generations. And being poor boys (and girls) we can't really afford a Shadow—at least, not without throwing a lot of other desirable junk from the Sump garage.


Vincent Motorcycles logo

But that doesn't mean we can't wear a Vincent Black Shadow T-shirt in homage to one of the greatest and most desirable motorcycles the world has ever seen.


This T-shirt is an original design in classic black and gold that we spent a few months working on. It changed in a dozen ways; some major, and some minor. We tweaked it, and adjusted it, and we printed some prototypes and tried them on, and finally arrived at something we were happy with.


Vincent Black Shadow T-shirt

Of course, you look at these things when they're done and you think; "Hey, I could have done that." Which is exactly what we said when the Beatles wrote Hey Jude. The point being that these things are a lot trickier to get right than you might think.


Anyway, this T-shirt has been very popular, especially down under in Australia, birthplace of Phil Irving. But they're finding homes in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Europe and pretty much everywhere else. And, of course, here in England we've sold one or two to the Vincent boys and fans.


They're in stock now. But like Vincent Black Shadows, they're apt to shift pretty quick. So if you want one, you know what needs to be done.



Price: £14.99

P&P: UK £3.00. EU £5.00. Worldwide £6.00.
Colour: Black only
Sizes (chest):
Extra large: 46 inches or 117 cm
Large: 42 inches or 106 cm
Medium: 38 inches or 99 cm
Small: 35 inches or 89 cm

The T-shirt design is 185mm wide.


UK Delivery



Vincent Black Shadow

Price: £14.99

P&P: £3.00 (discounts on
multiple purchases)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

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Vincent Black Shadow

Price: £14.99

P&P: £5.00 (£2.00 extra
for each additional T-shirt)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

Enter size(s)

Vincent Black Shadow

Price: £14.99

P&P: £6.00 (£2.00 extra
for each additional T-shirt)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

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We usually despatch next day, but public holidays and heavy ordering issues will inevitably slow us down a little.



The word on the street


"Nice looking T-shirt. Just right for my old man."

— Chrissy Pullman, Worcester


"Thanks for despatching this so fast. Good quality T-shirt at a good price."

— Hairy Harry, Lincoln


"The ultimate motorcycle. The ultimate T-shirt. And I bought both."

— Graham Noakes, Leominster, Herefordshire








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