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"The longest running motorcycle on Earth." If you know differently, we'd like to hear about it. Fact is, the Royal Enfield Bullet, as we know and love it, has been in continuous production since 1948.


Yes, there were pre-war Bullets. But production was halted during the hostilities while Royal Enfield, like many other British factories, focussed on armaments.


It's the post-war Bullets that we're thinking of when we talk about
"The longest running motorcycle
on Earth".


So okay, modern Bullets are produced in Chennai India, not Redditch, Worcestershire, and the modern lean-burn EFI engines are a giant leap forward in terms of efficiency, reliability and performance.


But the underlying design is something that Tony Wilson-Jones, the father of the post-war models, would recognise as his own. Put simply, the Royal Enfield Bullet is a classic in its own lifetime, and it looks like its still got a few more miles left in it.


We had to scratch our heads for a long time when working on this T-shirt. Everyone knows the classic Royal Enfield "Made like a Gun" slogan, which is cool enough. But we wanted something different. Something original. Something that pretty much any Bullet rider would be happy to splash across his or her chest.


In the end, we settled on the "RIDE THE WORLD" idea because that's exactly what people are doing all over the planet. They're riding Royal Enfield Bullets, and most are enjoying every minute. And if you haven't yet tried one, see if you can get around to it before you die. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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NOTE: Medium sizes are sold out!!

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Royal Enfield Bullet T-shirt

Price: 15.00

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Royal Enfield Bullet T-shirt

Price: 15.00

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Available sizes: Small

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Royal Enfield Bullet T-shirt

Price: 15.00

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