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NOTE: Medium sizes are sold out!!

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It's not our first Royal Enfield T-shirt design. It's our second, and we think it will be just as popular. Originally we'd planned to use a Royal Enfield Bullet for the central bike image. But then we decided to move with the times a little. So instead of an old (but still very worthy and very practical) classic, we opted for a new (and very worthy and practical) modern classic—which turned out to be a Royal Enfield Classic Chrome.


As for the slogan on this T-shirt, we couldn't find anything wrong with the original one which was: RIDE THE WORLD. Royal Enfields, after all, are the one bike that you really can find just about everywhere on the planet, and people are in the habit of covering huge mileages on these simple and stylish velocipedes.


Then we decided to also use of the original sub-heading, or sub-slogan: THE LONGEST RUNNING MOTORCYCLE ON EARTH. That line still had some life in it, we figured. And after some jiggery-pokery with Adobe Photoshop, we had something that we felt was just right.


This cool T-shirt is made from 100 percent pre-shrunk black cotton. It's a quality heavyweight tee. The  design and printing is handled by our own fashion & ink fairies right here in the UK. If you're into Royal Enfields, we think you'll like this tee when you see it—even if you're still riding a (very worthy) Bullet. And while we remember, we should point out that this T-shirt is available only from us (but no doubt some cheap and nasty knock-offs will appear on the market sooner or later).


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Unless it's a public holiday, we generally despatch the next day. But occasionally we despatch on the same day. The point is, we do all we can to get your T-shirt to you as quickly as possible. We expect good service from the people we deal with, and we like to pass on that service.


So order now. You never know when stocks will run out. And hey, check the metal sign to the right. There's gotta be a place for that on your shed wall, or garage wall—or maybe you'd like to just carry it around and gaze at it from time to time.


We don't mind.





Price: £15.99

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Colour: Black only

Sizes (measured at the chest):

Extra large: 47 inches or 120 cm
Large: 44.5 inches or 114 cm
Medium: 43 inches or 110 cm
Small: 39 inches or 100 cm


Take note too that we don't sell, trade, barter, or give away your private data. It's used for us alone. So trust us, or don't trust us. Only Sump and your undertaker will ever know how fat you really are.


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Sump buyers say...


"I bought the old design, but I like this one better. I also bought the bike."
— Jay McKenna, Townsville, Queensland, Oz


"Nice tee. Thanks a-plenty"
—Adam Lyall, Swindon



NOTE: Medium sizes are sold out!!

NOTE: Large sizes are sold out!!



Sizes (chest):

2XL50in or 126cm
XL47in or 120cm
L43in or 110cm
M42in or 106cm
S39in or 100cm

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Royal Enfield
Classic Chrome
metal motorcycle sign

400mm x 300mm. Printed in the UK direct-to-metal


Royal Enfield Classic metal sign





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metal wall signs...


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