"The 750cc Bonnie is

still the best value

all-round, all-weather,

all-purpose British

"classic" bike you

can buy. Bar none."

"But the long-term problem was,

to many, that of a small bomb

waiting to detonate ..."

"The following

morning, having read

the manuals with

considerably more

attention than the
      average suicide

bomber reads the

Koran, I set

to work ..."

Feedback on this guide


“This is an extremely useful compendium for anyone who’s considering buying a T140 Bonneville or TR7 Tiger and isn’t sure exactly what’s involved. It’s disgustingly honest, and I can recommend this book.”

John Nelson, ex-Meriden Service Manager and author of The Bonnie: The Development History of the Triumph Bonneville.


“Yes, it's nicely presented and very attractive with lots of useful information for anyone who owns, or is thinking about owning, a T140 or TR7. It's just the job. I like it.”

Tony Cooper, TMS Motorcycles, Nottingham.



“If, like me, you love Meriden oil-in-frame twins (and I own two of them), this book is a must. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Mark Wilsmore, Ace Cafe.

Book specifications.

Please read before ordering.

A5 (148mm x 210mm); 68 pages; full colour; stitched (stapled) soft cover; 14,500 words. This publication is similar to a T140/TR7 owner's handbook.


Models covered in this buyers guide include: T140 Bonneville, TR7 Tiger, T140J Jubilee Bonnie, T140D Bonnie Special, TR65 Thunderbird, TR7T Tiger Trail, TR65T Tiger Trail, T140W TSS, TSX, T140LE Royal Wedding, Harris Bonnieplus T140 history, riding experience, modifications, full specifications, and a detailed buyers check list, with an intro by Brian Crichton of Classic Bike magazine.




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T140 Bonneville
& TR7 Tiger

£9.99 plus £2.50 P&P (UK)
The oil-in-frame T140 Bonneville and variants are the best riding, best handling, best stopping and most practical Meriden Triumph ever built. Packed with up-to-the-minute tips, tricks and advice, this 2nd edition A5, 68 page, full colour, soft-cover booklet is the ultimate 750cc Bonnie buyers guide.
£4 European postage; £5 rest of the world.

"Three days later
the engine was back in one piece and fired up on the second or third kick (later still I decided that there was,
after all, probably nothing wrong with the mains; it was just clutch rumble and paranoia)."

"Ride it. Love it. Live it!"



Q. Does this book cover earlier pre-unit or early unit engine Triumph Bonnevilles?

A. No. It's specific to the T140 Bonneville/TR7 Tiger oil-in-frame models only, although some of the tips are applicable to the earlier T120 Triumphs. It does not cover Hinckley bikes.


Q. Is it a manual?

A. No. It's more of a buyers guide/handbook. It's pitched primarily at riders wanting to get into T140s who are looking for reliable buying, ownership and riding advice.


Q. Can I get a discount for buying more than
one copy?

A. Yes. Email us. We'll work out something for you.


Q. Will there be more guides in this series?

A. Yes. We're working on a number of titles. Details will appear as and when the books are close to publication.


Q. Is the copy in this book different to the free copy on this website?

A. Yes. The booklet contains much additional information to the web site feature and has a very different approach. Click here to visit our T140 page.


Q. Is it available as an eBook?

A. No. Sorry. It's available only as a printed book/booklet.


Q. So this is basically the same size and style as a typical club magazine?

A. That's right.  We wanted to keep the costs down but have used the best quality paper throughout and have filled it with as much useful information as possible.


Q. Does the guide offer specific advice on what to check when buying?

A. Yes. Aside from the general advice throughout the guide, there's a 44 point check list on the key areas to check out.


Q. Can you really recommend a T140 Bonneville as a reliable all-round usable classic bike?

A. Absolutely. We've been riding one for over 20 years, and prices are still low.


Q. Can you recommend a dealer who specialises in T140s or Tigers?

A. T140s are pretty common and can be picked up everywhere. Just check the obvious sources and magazines, etc.



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