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The Bulgarians are coming. And the Romanians too. And because of it, some of you reading this will be out of a bloody job.


Yes, that sounds like a lot of Daily Mail right-wing scaremongering, except that I don’t read The Mail (I’m a Beano man), and I don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to be a Tory or a lefty or a liberal or a centrist to have a plausible ideology.


Screw all that.


Instead, I subscribe to a one-man political philosophy called Lifeboatism which has a simple principle at its core: Stick too many people on the same raft and it sinks. It’s as simple as that. And that’s why Britain’s sinking, and along with it your quality of life, your profits, your pension expectations, and probably your life expectancy.


Of course, some would have you believe that this green and pleasant Britannic lifeboat is infinitely capable of expanding to take on all comers. Ed-the-Man-Who-Would–Be-Leader-Miliband, for instance, still refuses to recognise a cap on immigration, and Captain Cameron clearly still doesn’t know there’s a world beyond Eton and Ascot.


But the fact is, in-bound UK migration simply is too high. Currently, the population is said to be around 56 million. That’s the official Pinocchio party line. But the true number is significantly higher, and when the Bulgarians and Romanians arrive, it’s going to rocket. Not by thousands. Not by tens of thousands. But possibly by hundreds of thousands. And conceivably millions. Yes, the numbers will be spread over a few years.


But watch that thermometer.


It’s rising.


So who exactly are these wet survivors of that failed eastern Marxist misadventure who are now desperately trying to climb aboard?


Well, Bulgaria is the smaller of the two countries. It’s about one-third larger than Scotland, is a parliamentary democracy, and has around seven million saturated citizens on its books. Romania, meanwhile, is about three times the size of Scotland, is a semi-presidential republic, and has around nineteen million soggy souls within its borders. These combined numbers include around 2.5 million Roma, depending on whose figures you believe.


Along with six other nations (Albania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the Soviet Union) both countries used to be members of the old “Warsaw Pact” (1955-1991); a union established by the Ruskies to counter and repel a full scale attack by NATO.


When the Warsaw Pact fell apart in the early 1990s, Bulgaria and Romania began the slow paddle toward democracy (whatever that means to you), and have come a long way since the days of Todor Zhivkov and Nicolae Ceaucescu.


In 2004, much to the disgust and humiliation of the erstwhile Soviets, these two errant countries pointed their MIGs in the other direction and allied themselves with NATO, and in 2007, to add insult to injury, they became members of the European Union.


But just as some-comrades-were-more-equal-than-others under the commies, some-members-are-also-more-equal-than-others under the EU, and the Bulgarians and the Romanians were frozen out of the inner sanctum of the Franco-Germanic rich boys club until they cleaned up their act, which meant (among other things) major judicial reforms, major crime reduction initiatives, and a purge on the endemic corruption which, it appears, is the rule rather than the exception.


Come the end of 2013, both countries, will have met some or most of the EC criteria for full accession (and might well be coming in the same revolving door that Greece—and possibly Spain—will be going out of). And what that means is that every single one of those 26 million new members could, in theory, end up on your doorstep, especially if that doorstep is in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent and other rural communities where cheap immigrant labour is still ruthlessly exploited by the profiteers at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, etc.



"The real danger isn’t the so-called Little England xenophobes warning against the perils of wholesale invasion. The real danger comes from the people who can’t tell the difference between bigotry and objectivity, or racism and realism."



So okay, these newcomers probably won’t arrive en masse (but don’t rule it out). Unlike the debacle of the recent Polish/Czech/Slovak/Hungarian exodus, the other EU members between here and Bulgaria/Romania will be obliged to accept at the outset whatever quota chooses to adopt a host country as their new home. So Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands is going to get it in the wallet. But Britain, for many, is the real bullseye in the immigrant dartboard.


Can’t blame them for coming here, mind. You gotta eat, after all. And you’ve got a right, and an obligation, to improve your lot and provide for your offspring. But you can blame the politicians for not seeing it coming, especially when the rest of us pauperised plebs did.


The big lie underpinning this open-border policy is that we actually need all these immigrants in the UK and should welcome them. Supposedly, we need all those Indian rocket scientists, and Polish atom-smashers, and Hungarian heart surgeons, and Bulgarian carrot pickers.


But we don’t. Instead, we need to properly train our home-grown and sidelined workforce that’s desperate for gainful employment and get them to do the work that, for decades, we’ve been sub-contracting to the rest of the world.


We need to guarantee this workforce a decent (repeat; decent), viable, “native income” rather than rely on the national scandal of the minimum wage. We need to reinvigorate the building trade by providing quality local housing options instead of further diluting the labour market and stuffing it in tents and caravans and Nissen huts.


Beyond this, the moronic Eurocrats should have created a new “Warsaw Pact”’; an alliance of second-division, border-controlled European nations underwritten by collective EU funding and designed to bring these Eastern Bloc countries up the kind of social and economic levels that invites reciprocal migration. They should have levelled the playing field and given the Poles and Bulgarians and Hungarians the wherewithal to redevelop their own homelands. They should have anticipated this wilful and reckless social osmosis and put in checks and stops to prevent mass migration on a scale that’s probably not been seen since the Ice Age. And they should have demanded full-scale political union before accession to the A-list.


But they didn’t, and now we’re Warsaw packed and the boat is sinking.


What it means for you as a bike dealer, or whatever is that this new wave of immigrants is not likely to patronise your establishments or sample your wares (except perhaps in the dead of night). Why? Because they’re skint, and motorcycles are still largely a luxury and a leisure sector distraction. Instead, many will be buying cheap cars so that they can work as mini-cab drivers; that staple occupation of the émigré classes.


But they will come, and many will steal and will cheat not because they’re inherently second class or sub-human, but simply because they’re poor and desperate—and I’d do the same if I was one of them. It’s an unpalatable but inescapable truth that Eastern Europeans are over-represented in crime statistics.


The majority, however, will simply work, and no doubt work hard. Immigrants invariably do. They have to. But unless controlled and metered (and God save us from a racially pure society, take note), these economic refugees will further drive down British wages, overstretch local services, ultimately take out more than they put in, and will then export much of their earnings. And they’ll do this whilst innocently muddying and eroding a culture that’s already critically under siege.


The real danger isn’t the so-called Little England xenophobes warning against the perils of wholesale invasion. The real danger comes from the people who can’t tell the difference between bigotry and objectivity, or racism and realism.


If and when the EU referendum comes, you know which way to jump.


Danny DeFazio
Written for British Dealer News, 2013





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