Triumph Blueprint

motorcycle T-shirt



This T-shirt is the second design in our

"Blueprint" range. But it ain't gonna be

the last. We've got a dozen or so new

classic motorcycle tees in the pipeline,

and they'll turn up on Sump sooner or later.







Our first "Blueprint" design was a BSA WM20 T-shirt

in khaki green. That went down pretty good, so we

got ambitious and decided to throw in a little

colour. Royal blue if you want the details.


Biker friendly tees


So okay, we've used the LOOK BACK, MOVE AHEAD slogan before. But we figured it had a little more life left in it, and the message is as appropriate now as it ever was. This tee was designed by bikers for bikers, and we think the quality is great—and thousands of our customers agree.


The design is silk-screen printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton. And note that it's a heavyweight fabric that should last you a long time. We've got no space on our stock shelves for flimsy T-shirts.


But go ahead. Stick it in a picture frame and hang it on a wall if you really must. Put it in an art gallery. However, these classic bike T-shirts look a whole lot better with a leather jacket wrapped around your shoulders, the sun in your face and your best girl

(or boy) smiling over your shoulder. Try it and see (and let us know if she's got a sister).


Look back, move ahead. There's a message

for life you can cash at the bank.



Sump buyers say...


"Finally bought one and glad I did."

— Martyn Bleacher, London


"We received the T-shirt today and like it very much. Thank you all for an efficient and polite service."

— Dave and Sally, Yeovil, Somerset



Price: £19.99

T-shirt colour: Blue

Postage and packing (P&P):
UK £4.95.
EU £7.00.

Worldwide £11.00.




These Blueprint T-shirts are also available in Gunmetal/Blue Dusk.
See the link for details.




(at the chest)


(from the front neckline)


UK Delivery




Triumph Blueprint

Price: £19.99
P&P: £4.95
Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M


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Triumph Blueprint

Price: £19.99
P&P: £7.00
Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M


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Triumph Blueprint

Price: £19.99
P&P: £11.00
Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M


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wear and enjoy. If you have a problem with anything you buy
from us, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto. No fuss. No arguments.

And if you change your mind within 30 days, just return it unworn
for a refund.

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