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World's Greatest Sidevalves T-shirt






This one was our first T-shirt.  That's because we run an M20 and we wanted to pay some kind of homage to a bike that's given us a lot of fun and carried us around Britain and France for thousands of miles.


So okay, not everyone will agree that this is the "World's Greatest Sidevalve". But hey, we stand by it. These bikes were built before the war, during the war, and post-war. The British army alone took almost 125,000 machines. Today, countless thousands of all types are still in service worldwide, and there are new old bikes being discovered all the time. We can't think of a sidevalve that's better known, better served, and better loved.

If you're into BSA M20s and BSA M21s, this T-shirt was created for you. It looks good when you're off the bike, and it looks better when you're on it.

But if you just enjoy classy classic motorcycle tees, this one will put some fresh colour in your life. Currently, it's our most popular design. Click the image to the right for a more detailed view.





Price: 19.99
P&P: UK 4.95. EU 7.00. Worldwide 11.00.
Colour: Black only
Sizes (chest):
Extra extra large: 50 inches or 126 cm
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Large: 44 inches or 112 cm
Medium: 41 inches or 104 cm
Small: 35 inches or 89 cm


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BSA M20 & M21 T-shirt

Price: 19.99

P&P: 4.95

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BSA M20 & M21 T-shirt

Price: 19.99

P&P: 7.00

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BSA M20 & M21 T-shirt

Price: 19.99

P&P: 11.00

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Kevin Seiler, Chatsworth, California

"Received my T-shirt today, shipped to the Netherlands. Great T-shirt. The fit is spot on. I am very pleased with it."

Ramon Berlauwt, Oosterbeek, Netherlands

"Just letting you know that I received my t-shirt today and am very happy with it. Thank you very much."

Michael & Jacqueline Dyer, Perth, Western Australia.

"Bought one. Thanks."

Jeff Robbins, Valencia, California










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classic bike T-shirt



P&P: UK 4.95

EU: 7.00

Worldwide: 11.00
Colour: Olive drab

BSA M20:
It's not just the bike.
It's the journey
classic bike T-shirt



BSA M20 T-shirt for classic bikers



P&P: UK 3.00

EU: 5.00

Worldwide: 6.00
Colour: Black



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