"It's not just the bike,
it's the journey." And no,
that ain't confucius talking.
That's us. And that's what
we tell people when they
ask us why we're riding
around on that old heap.


And if that reply don't satisfy 'em, we don't

care. We just smile and ride away ahead of

a cloud of oily smoke and get about our

nefarious business.


If you share our sentiments, and if you're an

M20 fan, this here T-shirt from our new

"Blueprint" range is just what you want.


And need we really explain the intricacies of the

design? No, we didn't think so. Like everything

else in life, you either get it or you don't get it.

And you either dig it, baby, or you think it's

dead grotty (that's hippy and Beatles talk).

But what's not to dig anyway?


The BSA M20 Blueprint tees are in stock

right now. The colour is "army green". Our

piggy bank is waiting to swallow your

money. And your chest is heaving with desire.

So what are you waiting for?


Price: 19.99

T-shirt colour: Army green

Postage and packing (P&P):
UK 4.95.
EU 7.00.

Worldwide 11.00.



Sump buyers say...


"Got an M20, so have to get the shirt."

Karl Piper, Andover, Hampshire


"Better quality than I expected. Please send me another."






(at the chest)


(from the front neckline)


UK Delivery




WD BSA M20 T-shirt

Price: 19.99
P&P: 4.95


Select the T-shirt size



WD BSA M20 T-shirt

Price: 19.99
P&P: 7.00


Select the T-shirt size



WD BSA M20 T-shirt

Price: 19.99
P&P: 11.00


Select the T-shirt size



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Legal stuff

All Sump T-shirt designs are produced entirely by us right here in Sumpland. We're not claiming any connection with any other group, organisation, company, manufacturer, institution, body, retailer or fly-by-night-merchant. Sump T-shirts are not available anywhere else unless they're being pirated. If you've got any copyright concerns, disputes, threats or similar, fire off an email and we'll look into it when we next sober up.





We only sell tees we
wear and enjoy. If you have a problem with anything you buy
from us, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto. No fuss. No arguments.

And if you change your mind within 30 days, just return it unworn
for a refund.

Grab yours now!

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