"The great
affair is
to move"

biker T-shirt"




Riding a classic motorcycle has become almost unfashionable. Have you noticed? Most owners these days, it seems, are racking up just a few hundred miles each year, if that. Instead, classic bikes have become motorised baubles. Trinkets. Identity blankets to snuggle up on. Or, if you prefer, membership passes to a shrinking tribe of like-minded people.


That's probably inevitable with any form of classic transportation. There comes a point where yesterday's tech just doesn't seem viable anymore, a point where your pride and joy seems too precious to risk taking out on the roads at the mercy of the weather and other road users. So instead, it gets put out to graze on the show circuit, or left in the back of the garage for 50 weeks of the year. Different strokes for different folks, of course. And that's okay with us.


Biker T-shirt

But there are still plenty of riders who take a different stance and want to ride their classics the way they used to be ridden, or as near as damn it.


And that was pretty much what we were thinking when we dreamed up this T-shirt. We wanted to issue a reminder to ourselves, and to anyone else who feels that they need reminding, that "The great affair is to move".


We're quoting Robert Louis Stevenson, by the way; a much travelled writer who gave us Treasure Island, Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, among others.


Stevenson was plagued with health problems and spent much of his all-too-short life tramping around the European continent, or moseying around America, or exploring the South Pacific in search of an agreeable climate. Which is pretty much how it is for most of us, isn't it? We're all looking for an agreeable climate (both of the mind and body), which is why the great affair really is to move.


Anyway, we're currently wearing-out the pre-production samples and thinking about Robert Louis Stevenson (still a great and very readable writer) and thinking about going places. On our classic bikes, that is.


Care to join us, in spirit if nothing else?


These tees are 15.99. The artwork style is straight out of 1950s magazine advert that we've reworked a little and adapted. The printing should age well and develop a suitable "patina". Best enjoyed whilst riding a classic bike of your choice.


The shirts are available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. They're intended not just for Triumph owners/riders, but for anyone who likes to move. We despatch usually within a day or two, unless we've had a sudden run on this particular bank (or a skin full the night before), in which case a reprint usually takes a week or so.


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The great affair is to move

Price: 15.99

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The great affair is to move

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The great affair is to move

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"Very nice T-shirt. I was expecting lower quality. But very pleased, and a great site by the way."

Mike Saint, Alfreton, Derbyshire


"Insprational quote from RLS. Nice one."

P. Donaldson, Fife, Scotland


"Fast delivery. Right price. Hubby happy."

Karen Lowther, Hammersmith, London


"Tasty tee. My favourite now."

Hoggy, Maidstone, Kent


"Yeah, another nice tee shirt from Sump. Keep them coming."

Peter Leeming, Sudbury, Suffolk




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