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When you get to a certain age in life, being "bad" no longer means something good or cool or hip or even groovy. No, being bad means exactly what it says; bad.


Or bloody awful even.


But if you've still got a sense of humour (and mercifully, most of us have, most of the time) then this T-shirt is for you.


All designs have a finite life, and there comes a point when they're just not selling as well as they used to. That point might be in a few months, or a few years. But it's coming. And then suddenly it's not economic to print anymore.


So if you like this black, pre-shrunk, 100 percent cotton, BAD-ASS BIKER T-shirt, better get yours while it's going. Because if they sell out and you can't get one, that will be ... well, just TOO BAD. Which isn't good.








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