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The 69 Club, huh? For a long time, we figured that sooner or later someone would get around to knocking these up (to coin a phrase). So we looked high, and we looked low, and then we looked a little lower still, but we couldn't find that anyone actually had. In the end (to coin another phrase), we decided to start the club ourselves.


The 69 Club is a pretty informal association, by the way. A bit tongue in cheek, you might say. And the only membership requirement is the purchase of this here T-shirt. Our price? A mouth watering 12.50.


So okay, if you strut your manly stuff in one, you're bound to get the odd double-take, not least when worn with your regular rocker gear. But it's doubtful  that anyone will punch you, and even less likely that you'll get arrested.


But you never know...


Either way, when people tell you that you've got the numbers wrong, you can smile sagely and shake your head and/or poke out your tongue, and tell them that no, the numbers are spot on.


So how's it gonna be? Are you in the club (to coin another phrase), or not?


The design is not silk-screened, by the way. It uses a CAD-cut process which is a new vinyl transfer method, so it's very soft and resists fading and cracking and should last the life of the T-shirt.




Price: 12.50

P&P: UK 3.00. EU 5.00. Worldwide 6.00.

Colour: Black only

Sizes (chest):

Extra large: Sold out
Large: Sold out
Medium: Sold out
Small: 35 inches or 89 cm


Looking for an XXL T-shirt? We can do these by special order if required, but they usually take a week to arrive and despatch. We'd like to keep them in stock, you understand. But there's only so much space on the shelves. Note that all T-shirts of this design carry the same size graphic which is 7.5 inches (19 cm) in diameter. XXL tees are 50 inches (127 cm) across the chest.


Take note too that we don't sell, trade, barter, or give away your private data. It's used for us alone. So trust us, or don't trust us. Only Sump and your undertaker will ever know how fat you really are.


We usually despatch next day, but public holidays and heavy ordering issues will inevitably slow us down a little. Here's the ordering box ...

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69 Club T-shirt

Price: 12.50

P&P: 3.00

Available sizes: Small


Enter T-shirt size(s)



69 Club T-shirt

Price: 12.50

P&P: 5.00

Available sizes: Small


Enter T-shirt size(s)



69 Club T-shirt

Price: 12.50

P&P: 6.00

Available sizes: Small


Enter T-shirt size(s)




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Legal stuff

All Sump T-shirt designs are produced entirely by us right here in Sumpland. We're not claiming any connection with any other group, organisation, company, manufacturer, institution, body, retailer or fly-by-night-merchant. Sump T-shirts are not available anywhere else unless they're being pirated. If you've got any copyright concerns, disputes, threats or similar, fire off an email and we'll look into it when we next sober up.





We only sell tees we
wear and enjoy. If you have a problem with anything you buy
from us, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto. No fuss. No arguments.

And if you change your mind within 30 days, just return it unworn
for a refund.

Grab yours now!

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